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foodie Mondays | my top 10 spots in New York City

If I come to your restaurant (and I probably already have), FEED ME. I am very likely to take whatever table you sit me at (including the back ones close to the bathrooms or the kitchen), take the waiter’s recommendations, take your recommendations, take the bartender’s or sommelier’s recommendations. Not complain much. Eat everything. Leave a big tip. If I like you and your food, I’ll even bring more people. I’m a good patron.

I’ve spent as little as $9 for a dinner for 2 and as much as $270 for a lunch, pre-tax. I tried all the offal joints, all the underground unlicensed places, all the street vendors, all the neighborhood spots and all the shishi, dress- coded, Michelin- starred establishments I could get in. I went out 3 to 7 times a week and, in over 4 years, I got to taste a huge chunk of New York City. Continue reading

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flying Mondays | 10 rules for travel

For me, flying is surrender. For you it may not be. But if you expect things to go as planned and insist on thinking you know everything happening at the other end of your flight,.. well,…that’s pretty unrealistic, but that’s your choice (probably because you’re a dreamer, or you’re OCD. Which is fine, but not fun (I know. Trust me, I know)).

Personally, when I fly, I put my hands in the air, I shrug and I prepare to take in whatever may come. I ca-pi-tu-late. Continue reading

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