I’m a tough but fair, blunt, opinionated third-world-country girl who made her way to America and found a great man to deal with her oh-so-lively survival instincts. I sing, I make stuff, I’m good at math, I cook well, I love good deals and real people. I hate entitled pricks and brash-for-nothing biatches, whom it’s not beyond me to chew and spit out if the situation requires it.

There’s a lot of activity in my head, and a lot of words (I speak, more or less, 6 languages) on the tip o’ my tongue.

I don’t bullshit much, and every time I have a blunt moment I find that people (not the people I’m blunt about. The people I’m blunt around) LOVE it. Mostly because they think the same as me, but care too much about being liked to actually be 100% honest.

While I don’t care whether or not I’m liked for what I say, I do care some about people’s feelings so I try hard to filter my discourse. Or to edulcorate it, if I can. That, however, leaves me with a lot of shit unsaid.

So here’s a blog with things I wanna say but wouldn’t wanna put in anyone’s plate in particular.

Have fun, feel free to comment as you would with a friend (really. I am NEVER going to filter comments out) and stick around for some more third-world-country realness.



– for questions, inquiries and everything else… find me at danasandu.projects@gmail.com.


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