fashion wednesdays | DIY key necklace

I never throw a key away. Maybe it’s my post-communist, symbolic approach to the littlest things in life- but for me, a key means a house, a house means a home and home means warm and fuzzy. Who would give warm and fuzzy away!?? (This all of the sudden started sounding like a Geiko commercial. Oh well).

So, I keep the keys I’ve used. I move them from box to box, adding to the pile with every new apartment, every new storage place, every new bike, locker, boyfriend (not the case anymore- but the old ones I still have. And if I don’t remember the guys, I do remember the feel of their dens- some behaved, some wild, some musty or oregano-y). The keys smell like metal and stick to each other, and I know every single one of them by name. Weird? Oh well.

Looking at some of the keys I have, I got an idea and this is what I ended up with: a necklace. I wear it with pretty much anything (although I have contact allergies, this necklace is perfect because it’s only the beads touching my skin, all the metal being in the front and not on my neck), I love the color combo and I really enjoy the noisy ruffling sound it makes when I walk.

Key necklace: old keys, hardware chain, bead strand. Under $10.

If you want to make this, all you need is:

– a strand of beads- pick whatever color or style you like. Mine is a multi-strand peacock seed bead necklace I picked up in a flea market for $2

– about 2ft. of chain- depending on the color of your keys, you can do either silver or gold- since mine were mixed, I went with the gold chain I had in the house. You can buy chains in a bead store, or if you want to go rogue, go to Home Depot and pick hardware chains to your likings- it’s the same thing, and you can have a thinner one for under $3 a foot

– keys

– wire (or, if not, you can use the chain itself to tie the keys).

How to make it:

– open the bead strand so that the clasp is still attached to one end (both parts, minus one end ring), and at the other you only have the end ring left; keep the clasp closed

– separate about 1ft of the chain

– connect one end of the chain to the clasp bale/ring, pass the other end through the single end ring (at the other end of the bead strand), then secure it in the clasp bale/ring; at this point, you should have a double chain running between the ends of the bead strand; the clasp should still open so you can put the necklace on (on one side of the clasp you have beads, on the other- chain)

– attach the keys, using the leftover chain, to the double chain

– attach all leftover chain pieces to the double chain, unevenly

– wear and enjoy.

That’s about it for today… but if you end up making something like this, folks, I wanna see it- send me pictures and stories, pliz!

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4 thoughts on “fashion wednesdays | DIY key necklace

  1. danasandu says:

    Thank you much, beautiful missflamboyante! Coming from a “real-fashion-for-real-people” master like yourself, this is indeed a compliment.

  2. aiyanajane says:

    super cute idea! does it feel heavy when you wear it?

    • danasandu says:

      Hi aiyanajane, thanks much for visiting- and stay tuned for more flyin’ Mondays, fashion Wednesdays and finkin’ Fridays!
      Yes, this is a tad heavy, because I went a little overboard and I used a heavy bead necklace + no less than 11 keys! (but then again, I’m a tall girl and I kind of like a bit of weight in my jewelry).
      Should you go with a more modest combo, it’d be totally wearable, no matter your frame 🙂

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