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The things you buy are not always made by the brand they wear. Nonono, I’m not talking about little babies slaving away for the perfect stitch in your heel- that’s another story, and because it’s serious I won’t touch it here and now.

I’m talking about the wedding-shoes, artizan-made shoes, make-a-burn-mark-in-yo’-wallet shoes. The shoes you see in glossy millionaire magazines with pretty ladies and Italian sunsets. The shoes you can’t pronounce (I know, you just learned to say eeev-sahn’-laurrn’. But trust me, there are bigger, classier and harder-to-say things out there). Sometimes, these top-of-the-line goods get mixed, combined, assembled or produced altogether by smaller (but still very high end) shops.

I love myself a good quality item and I usually don’t care what it’s called, so I’m always looking for the chance to buy the product straight from the source. For less money. Without the brand. (Who cares for the brand, anyway? We’re all looking for our perfect person to take these expensive things OFF of us, not put them ON, right?).

Today, here’s a boys-and-girls list of shoes and who makes what for whom. Shop smart. And enjoy.

Brooks Bros., Marinella

Crockett & Jones
Brooks Bros./Peal, Ralph Lauren (some said it’s Handgrade, some said it’s between HG and Benchgrade), Poulsen Skone/Dunhill, New & Lingwood.
Past: Tom James (both HG & BG), Wildsmith.

Edward Green
RLPL, Alan Flusser
Past: Asprey(or is it still current?), Cole Haan, Nordstrom, Paul Stuart, Wildsmith, Brooks Bros.


Alfred Sargent

Paul Stuart, Poulsen Skone/Dunhill (?)

JL Paris casuals

Brioni, Asprey (?)
Past: Jil Sander

Domenico Vacca, Berluti RTW
Past: Borrelli

Borrelli, Gianfranco Ferre

Roberto Ugolini RTW (?)
Past: Hugo Boss

Iris SPA
Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf, John Galliano

Rodolfo Zengarini
Calvin Klein Collection, Alessandro Dell’aqua, Les copains, Iceberg

Hermes (sneakers)

Sergio Rossi
Gucci-group brands (Gucci, YSL RG, Alexander McQueen)

Coming Soon (Yohji Yamamoto), McQ (Alexander McQueen) and See (Chloe)

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